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~ In Person or Virtual ~
Healthy Food

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  • Eating Disorders (Anorexia Nervosa & subtypes, Bulimia Nervosa & subtypes, ARFID)

  • Disordered Eating ~ including body image concerns

  • Neurodivergence (ADHD/Autism) & impact on eating and growth

  • Intuitive Eating / Non-Diet Approach / HAES® - Health at Every Size

  • Anyone seeking to improve their health using food

Workshops & Talks

I collaborate with schools and other organizations to help target specific health behaviors and/or provide education about nutrition/food/bodies. I offer the development and facilitation of programs so they are specific to each population.

Each program is unique, creative, and effective. Whether you’re looking for a whole culture shift or expansion on a specific topic,

I'm ready to work with you to meet your needs.

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